"I had been suffering from back pain for several years.  Every couple of months I would have what I called a back "blowout".  I would not be able to move for several days.  Since I've been visiting Dr. Paci I have not had one of these episodes.  The staff is very accommadating to my schedule and I would not think of going to anyone else.  Thank you Dr. Paci for giving me the opportunity to do the things I love to do."  
Brian P.     Hagerstown, MD
"Two years ago I was moving a sofa off a pick-up truck.  I jumped off the tailgate and instead of landing on the ground, I hit my chin on the arm of the chair.  This gave me a whiplash to my neck, and then instead of landing on my feet, I landed on my knees.  After a couple weeks I was better, but there was a nagging pain in my hip & neck.  After just a few weeks of treatment with Dr. Paci my neck & back felt 80-90% better.  Now it is almost completely gone!"
Robert B.   Warfordsburg, PA
"I started going to Dr. Paci when he was with the Chambersburg practice.  I could see a difference in my body.  Then he left there and started his own practice.  I got away from being adjusted for about a year.  What a mistake that was!  I felt like my body was falling apart!  I saw his ad and called his office to start going again and I am glad that I did!  My immune system is better.  I don't get colds really bad and my inner ears have gotten better.  I lift heavy things all day so the back adjustment is wonderful.  Dr. Paci is great!  I will not stop being adjusted anymore.
Cathy M.    Greencastle, PA
"I started coming to Dr. Paci due to a hip problem that I got from an old injury. I continue to come because my adjustments help my posture and maintain a healthy spine. I just feel better! Dr. Paci has been fantastic.
John Y.
" My massage by Tom was INCREDIBLE.   The hot stone technique feels great!!!   I look forward to my hour every 2 weeks, using massage and chiropractic togather has made me feel wonderful."
Marianne S.  Hagerstown, MD